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16 2017-06

The essence of the morphological classification


According to the essence of the form to the following categories 1, water-soluble extracts Water soluble essence of natural spices and synthetic spices must be soluble in alcohol solution. Commonly used solvents for ethanol or ethanol solution. Sometimes in the water-soluble extract has a small amount of propyl alcohol instead of ethanol solvent. 2, oil soluble extracts Oil soluble perfume is synthesized from chooses natural flavor and spice dissolved in the oil solvent preparation. Oily solvent points two kinds: one kind is natural oils, commonly used with peanut oil, rapeseed oil, etc.; Another kind is organic solvent, commonly used with benzyl alcohol, glycerin three acetate, etc. 3, emulsifying essence In the emulsifying essence, in addition to containing a small amount of spices, surface active agent and stabilizer, primary group is divided into steam leaking. 4, powder flavor Powder incense