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18 2017-08

Can human perfume be used as an automobile perfume?

The car smell is now the domestic automobile production enterprises sad, but we still could not resist the temptation of the car, thus, in order to live has been doomed to covering up the production process of automobile car smell, we use perfume to balance the odor of space in the car, let us in an acceptable vehicle space critical point. It can be said that a lot of car perfume before the design has decided the use of automobile perfume, and thus laid the independent position of the difference between car perfume and human perfume.
In foreign countries, the development of an earlier car perfume, although decades of history, but the car perfume still can not become the same product of human perfume. Of course, in the perfume cultural connotation of the performance, because of various conditions, such as the developed country automobile production level is higher, more stringent supervision of production, foreign car perfume in personalized on the walk in front of our country. However, foreign car perfume can not be fragrant, human perfume, like a sense of fashion and personality, go further. Currently on the market mainstream China car perfume "spices" and "flower", the former is refreshing fruit peel of mint leaves, can sometimes be orange and lemon flavor, aims to highlight the young and lively. The latter is the flowers, leaves and other unique flowers in the plant, mainly jasmine, violet and rose incense based, showing the noble and elegant temperament. In addition, some of the more offbeat car notes, such as the forest is sandalwood, pine and other plants root and stem with wood aroma, sweet and stylish performance of rough; tone performance flower flavor in the sweet, delicate to bulge, and give the occupants of sweet and happy feeling. There is another kind of aldehyde sculpture, which is a youthful and personal color. Different from the perfume sprayed on the skin, there are many ways to volatilize perfume.
Among the reasons why human perfume is not used as a vehicle perfume, the most convincing is the perfume concentration of car perfume and human perfume. The concentration of car perfume generally equivalent to the household or the human body perfume 1/5, that is to say, the use of body perfume in the small car space, will be in the car smell instantly at a very strong level, the environment will constitute the impact on driving for many people, and the home of the scent of perfume the general time is long, divided into three notes, before after so, here we do not recommend the household use as car perfume perfume.